Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Shrove Tuesday

So while I, and other disenfranchised Floridian Episcopalians, ate pancakes and enjoyed the last hurrah before Lent, our neighbors to the north and west and east of us went to the polls for Super Tuesday.

Man, what a wild night! Once again, some states prove to be extremely scary places.

Tallahassee sits perilously close to Georgia where Republicans voted for Mike Huckabee and Democrats for Barack Obama. Obama is one thing. Huckabee?? Well, of course Georgia did successfully defend it's anti-sodomy law before the U.S. Supreme Court! The fact that Mike Huckabee can win anywhere is just too chilling. I get the idea of trying to up-end the slippery son of a Romney. But Huckabee is part of the Hate brigade, and the worst kind because he's the type who will sugar-coat his hate speech with a smile, and a "Jesus loves me, not you".

Are there really that many people now who want us to have a theocracy in the United States? I'm confident Huckabee won't win this thing, but his ability to win anywhere......excuse me, I think I need some whiskey with my pancakes!

O, God: help! Help! Help!

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MCG said...

I wouldn't worry any more about Huckabee or anyone else except the RadCon's who will try and make McCain out to be a real threat to the Republican party. I just hope that he can bring the party to the center again, John McCain that is.