Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Red(herring), White (America), and Blue (staters)

I have one word for my former brethren of the fourth estate:


I am referring to the seemingly-never-ending commentary on the 40-minute sermons of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright…aka “Obama’s pastor”. I think we have beaten this story into the ground. Now, can we please get back to reporting what the actual candidates on the ballot are saying?!

My own brief review:

This is a red herring. And we, the citizens of the United States and our noble media, love to follow the reddest of the herrings in the sea of information. I can only hope that, should I bump my head and decide to run for office, any priest I’ve ever been associated with restrains from speaking out in a way that might offend some because I would have to spend weeks trying to assert “This is theirs, and this is mine.”

Race is still a thorny issue for the media. That’s right. It’s a thorny issue for the media. Does racism still exist in America? Yes, and many other ism’s do, too. And the way we keep them alive is for the majority to refuse to acknowledge the wrong and ask forgiveness, and the minority to turn away and not want to pardon the sins of their transgressors. So why am I picking on the media and saying they have race “issues”? Because instead of a reasoned reflection on the topic, all they want to do is keep rehashing and repeating the same old sad tale instead of looking for those who can offer an evolution of thinking on this painful subject. Sadly, Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot to death almost 40 years ago. And my musical philosopher, Bob Marley, died in 1977.

Blue staters…aka Democrats…need to quit this level of bickering and keep focused on what I believe are the real issues in the country: our shaky economy, the lack of health care and an endless pointless war. As an independent, I am now bored with both Obama and Hillary. One of them, I suppose, will be the nominee. And then they will have to rekindle my interest….by talking about the real problems and not the red herrings.

Given the history of presidential politics, I won't hold my breath.

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