Saturday, July 5, 2008

Anglicans in Africa

The following information comes via Integrity's listserve, and it follows the weeklong GAFCON gathering in Jerusalem.

The Anglican Church of Kenya now wants to stop gays attending church.

Gays and lesbians will not join the Anglican congregations anymore...unless they renounce their sexuality.

Eldoret Dioceses Anglican Bishop Thomas Kogo yesterday said the church had decided to forbid homosexuals from going to their churches if they could not repent and stick to biblical teachings.

He said: "We have no choice about this. Those who want to practice lesbianism or be gays must stand aside and let those of us who respect the biblical teachings continue with our work."

He was speaking after he arrived from a crucial worldwide Anglican conference held in Jerusalem, Israel, that discussed homosexuality. Kogo said the church had extensively discussed the matter at the just-ended conference where it was agreed that all followers of the church must stick to the Bible.

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Such news causes me first to grit my teeth in anger, and then, not desiring damage to my oral health...I realize I have only one remedy at hand: I will continue to attend services in my country, and offer prayers for *all* the Anglicans in Kenya that, one day, there will be an end to this sort of discrimination and *all* God's people will be free to attend the Anglican church.

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Anonymous said...

They are hopeless and praying for them is about all we can do.