Friday, December 18, 2009

When Will They Ever Learn?

It's bad enough that Uganda wants to imprison and "cure" gay people, but not to be outdone, Rwanda has also jumped on the homophobic bandwagon.

Article 217 will criminalize same-sex relationships, and organizations that support LGBT people, with prison terms ranging from 5-10 years, and fines ranging from 2,000-1,000,000 Rwandan francs!

Up to now, homosexuality has not been an issue in Rwanda (because they didn't have any gay people... Yeah, right!).

Will Pastor Rick Warren, and the rest of the United States' Religious Right-wing, use their bully pulpits to speak out against THIS one? Again, these are the people who have exported our so-called "culture war" to Africa. And they have had willing disciples in bishops and pastors in these countries (Rwanda's Anglican Church boycotted the last Lambeth Conference and has been on record opposing homosexuality since 1998).

I hold no hope that the Archbishop of Canterbury will sit down for tea with another journalist to denounce this action. Or that the Pope will dispatch another minion to speak for him before an international panel in New York.

When will people quit this crusade against us?


frdougal said...

This far from surprises me: it was the Rwandan Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini who tried to "exorcise" the then Secretary of LGCM UK Richard Kirker at the 1998 Lambeth Conference. And they have only just joined the Commonwealth so perhaps our Prime Minister can be as outspoken against them as he was against Uganda. It is frankly sickening.

Anonymous said...

Hey to both of you! My prayer is that the more we get the word out to the rest of the world that these idiot nations are flying in the face of God's love to accept all peole maybe we will finally get the message across. I pray for that.


SCG said...

I agree, frdougal: not surprising, and sickening. An exorcism? I wish the man had spit greenpea soup in his face.