Friday, June 17, 2011

This Space Reserved For...

Dear blog readers far and wide,

You may have noticed a dearth of new material on this blog recently.  It's not for lack of wanting to post something; it's lack of time in which to sit and organize my thoughts enough to put the words out there.  This is what happens when one is immersed in Hell.   Hell Week, that is!

Tonight, the Mickee Faust Club is opening its newest queer-themed cabaret "Faust with Benefits."   As a performer, director, and producer... you can imagine I've been a bit busy this week.  Costumes, props, last minute changes, rehearsals... and all in the splendor of our un-air conditioned building in record-breaking triple digit temperatures.   All is well.  Everyone was well-hydrated, but we did have some short fuses during this period of high stress.  Still, the show is ready to go on.   And so am I.

Please stay tuned for a blog entry or two from me in the next couple days.   In the meantime, please feel free to peruse the things I've written before... and visit some of the choice blogs in the blogosphere.

And now... on with the show with the show... and away we go!!!

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