Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prayers Ascending for Friends... Again

This has been a rough several weeks for my corner of the city.   Last month, my friend Terry's mom, Edna, died following surgery in Texas.  This morning, my phone rang.  It was Terry.

Her partner's mother, Marion, was dying.  She'd had a massive stroke early this morning.  They kept her alive on a ventilator for a few hours, allowing family to gather and the last rites.  And then she passed away.

The wonderful thing for Marion is that she went out flying high... literally.  Just a few days ago, this 93-year-old lady boarded a helicopter to get an aerial tour of Orlando.  Life was an adventure and full of family for her all the way to the end.  And that's the kind of life we should all hope to lead.

R.I.P. Marion.  And prayers ascending for Donna and her siblings, and their loving husbands, wives, partners and children.

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Anonymous said...

Very well expressed, Susan. I answered Donna's email and am so glad that Marion and that heliocopter ride.