Saturday, February 18, 2012

Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad in It!

Wonderful news out of Great Britain for those of us in opposition to the so-called Anglican Covenant.   Four dioceses meeting this weekend have voted against adoption of ++Rowan's plan to "unify" our fractious Communion.   You can read the a synopsis HERE, or take a look HERE if you want fuller details on the votes.  At last count, there are now ten dioceses in Great Britain that have voted against this document, double the amount that have voted in favor of it.  That doesn't take in the reactions from parts outside the British Isles.  Objections to the AC run from feeling that it is putting too much power and central authority in the hands of the Archbishop of Canterbury and other members of the church hierarchy to a the simple statement that we don't need another covenant.

I have always contended that it is the nature of our relationships in the Anglican Communion that we are not always going to get along.  To want to force us into something that has never been part of our history seems wrong and foolish.

My hope is that as more clergy and laity say, "No" to this proposal, Archbishop Rowan Williams will get the hint and ask to withdraw the silly thing rather than continue to watch it get slapped down as "unnecessary."  I hope for this.... but I likely won't see it.

Good work by those in the No Anglican Covenant Coalition in England to educate why this document is flawed and needs to be put to bed.  Well done!


Anonymous said...

Hurrah at last!


Harry H. said...

I'm opposed to organized religion. That's
why I attend an Episcopal parish in
New Jersey.
There is a double cross in front of
Rowan's name. Is that a British convention
for "archbishop"?

SCG said...

Yes, the "++" denotes that he is more than a bishop. I have seen where for the Archbishop we are to use "+++", but I choose to stick to