Monday, March 12, 2012

Prayers Answered, and More Needed

Great news!!  Michael N. has been reunited with Ginger!  This is such a relief on so many levels. Ginger was OK, something I feared would not be the case since she is a pit bull with the personality of a Labrador.  Now, hopefully, the hole in the fence will get fixed so Ginger doesn't get loose again, and have strangers in a van pick her up.

That bit of good news comes as more trouble pours in.  Please consider offering prayers for the following:

The artistic community of Railroad Square.  Dave, a lanky, quiet, blonde-haired guy who served as the park's security and perennial presence, committed suicide in his studio at the art park over the weekend.  It has shaken and devastated many who are now wondering why they weren't able to see that he was hurting.  The difficulty about suicide is that sometimes you don't know why or can't predict that someone is in that level of pain.  My own prayer for Dave is that he has now found peace in a place where there is no pain and that the many who loved him will hold fast to the goodness of having been touched by him.  There will be a memorial bench set up in the park and a remembrance for him at the First Friday gallery hop in April.

Also, remember Dave and Cindy, members of PFLAG, who have had a series of medical problems that have kept them out-of-commission.   And Eden, who is dealing with ovarian cancer.  

Please feel free to add your own petitions in the comment section. 


MadPriest said...

I have added your two prayer requests to the prayer page at SAINT LAIKA'S today.

Phoebe McFarlin said...

Please add Frank who has been diagnosed with Guilliam Barre Syndrom.

SCG said...

Prayers ascending for Frank. And thank you so much, MP.

Anonymous said...

I pray we can end the peoblems overseas and make some sense in this world.