Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update on St. Peter's Shooting

**UPDATE: The Associated Press reports Rev. Dr. Mary-Marguerite Kohn died at 2:47pm.
2nd woman shot at Howard Co. church on life support | Howard County News - WBAL Home

Rev. Dr. Mary-Marguerite Kohn's family is keeping her on life support, so that her organs may be donated.  This is the statement from the church's co-rector as reported by The Lead:

 Dear friends, colleagues and fellow travelers in Music and Ministry-
Thursday a great tragedy intruded on life in our parish, St. Peter's at Ellicott Mills - A deeply troubled homeless man entered our Parish Office, shot and killed my two closest colleagues in ministry: Brenda Brewington, our Administrative Assistant, and The Reverend Dr. Mary Mary-Marguerite Kohn, for seven years first my Associate Rector and for the past two years as Co-Rector of St Peter's. I have spent most of my time since the incident was reported at 5pm on Thursday working with the Howard County Police, the parish, and the families of Brenda and MM. I cannot begin to thank all of you who have offered your support and prayers at this time. It makes a difference for me, for our family and for all of us at St. Peter's. I have had the support of a local sheriff, Sam Hammond, who was by my side all of Thursday evening and night into the early hours of Friday, as was the Reverend Angela Shepherd of our Diocesan Staff. Thanks to all of you I and everyone at St. Peter's feels supported by a great cloud of witnesses, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please keep the prayers coming as we find our way forward. Brenda's family and MM's family join me in thanking you for keeping their life and miinstry a living icon for good and love in this world. Blessings and Peace be upon you and upon us all as we seek to see God's power and majesty in every moment of every day.
Yours in Christ,
Fr Kirk Kubicek,
aka Chief the Drummer.

Prayers ascending for all of them.  This will be a particularly difficult day I imagine in the life of the St. Peter's parish.  They have lost two people who served God and them at the apparent hands of one who was lost and bitter.  May God be with them and continue to open their ears to the message of Love inherent in the Gospel.  It is that Love that breathes life into those places that ache from the pain of death and violence.  May they move through their grief continuing to feel the cloud of witnesses who surround them in the name of Love. And may they know peace at this time of transition.

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