Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Picking Up Their Ball and Going Home (fixing link)

(fixing errors in link and information)
There's so much to talk about in regards to things happening in these final days of General Convention 2012. But I am not surprised to see this news to say that the diocese of South Carolina is pitching a fit and leaving.  Two members are staying behind, but the rest of the deputation can not continue to function in a "business as usual" way.   Will be interested to see what unfolds.  I guess in South Carolina, the signs that say "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You" really need the addendum, "Except you queers!"

H/T to Grandmere Mimi for the heads up on the broken link.


Grandmère Mimi said...

SCG, your link does not work for me. On the diocesan website, the a statement says that the deputation will leave GC, except for two persons, so that "that our action is not to be construed as a departure from the Episcopal Church."

Do you have more information?

SCG said...

Thanks, Mimi. Posted on the fly as I went to (where??) a meeting of a committee at my Episcopal Church. Hopefully, all is fixed now.