Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Swamped by Sandy

From the New York Times.  Twitter accounts last night indicated that parts of Manhattan around 21st Street and 10th Avenue were underwater.

I have been watching news reports and following social media accounts on what's happening in the Northeast in the wake of the enormous Hurricane Sandy.  The storm blew through the New Jersey/New York City area yesterday afternoon and evening.  Some of my friends in Brooklyn were able to post information to Facebook indicating that there were cars underwater in the street, and they were heading out to the fire escape of their apartment for a hurricane party. 
Most of my family is in New Hampshire, and were OK.  One brother and his family live about an hour outside of the NYC in Connecticut.  He had left me a message to say he wasn't concerned and thought the whole thing was being hyped by the media.  Somehow, I think water rushing into the Brooklyn Tunnel and flooding the subway stations of New York City isn't hype.  My mom has assured me that he checked in last night to say it was "bad in Stamford."  No more news beyond that.
The one upside of this hurricane is that we will be spared the endless political drivvel of the presidential campaign.  I only wish it could suspend ALL the commercials, but sadly, that won't happen until November 7th. 
My continued prayers are for all those affected by Sandy.
O God, who remains present with us amidst the many tempests of life and whose Son, Jesus Christ, calmed the seas and gave protection to his friends at times when the rising tides instilled fear and anxiety in their hearts;extend your loving protection to those caught in the midst of this mayhem; give guidance and wisdom to the first responders venturing out to restore order to chaos; and bring us all together to rebuild what has been torn down by this storm.  In your Holy Name we pray.  Amen.


phoebe McFarlin said...

My favorite picture coming out of all the tragedy is our President working with the republican governor who finds his state in great need.

Anonymous said...

I think what happened in New York and New Jersey and some of the costal parts of cT and MA was awful but we did survive and today another Northeaster is on its way up here.