Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bishop Gene Robinson at Seabury-Western

If you're looking for a promise of "happily everafter" in the Bible, you might want to move along to another site. But if you're looking for a promise of hope, watch this video of Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson celebrating eucharist at Seabury-Western in Evanston, IL on April 16th. I was struck by his message on the Beatitudes, particularly that it should serve as a reminder to all of us who struggle with (fill-in-the-blank-that-is-your-challenge-of-the-moment)...that in our struggle, God will always be there with us. This is worth the 22-minutes!

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Anonymous said...

Amen, Susan.... I am glad that you urged persons to look at this. Gene's words are so important and so relevant to all who live in the shadows and on the margins of the church.