Saturday, April 26, 2008

And furthermore....

Rather than me going on and on about Mark Harris' excellent discussion of homosexuality and the Episcopal Church, I encourage you to click on the link and go read his entry for yourself.

PRELUDIUM: We rise to play a greater part

And just a PS: if you have time, take a moment to click on the link within Fr. Mark's posting to read the sermon by Rev. Matt Kennedy in the diocese of Central New York. Just in case you don't believe that the thieves of Christ's message aren't alive and well within the Episcopal Church! Bigotry knows no geographic boundaries.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't read all of Matt Kennedy's impossible sermon. He is just angry that they are going to close down his church. They should and he should move to Africa.


SCG said...

I understand your anger. Certainly, I don't like what he's saying, and as you note, I think he is speaking from a place of his own anger and pain in re: a lawsuit to take away his church property. And I think it is incumbant on all of us who don't agree that homosexuals must "repent and return to the Lord" because they're gay to refute such assertions, name the anger that is really there, and stay focused on God.