Saturday, February 21, 2009

The ABC is coming; look busy

So, it seems from all reports coming in from various corners of the blogosphere, the Archbishop of Canterbury, that fuzzy-faced English guy, will be coming to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Anaheim this July.

He won't be there the entire time. Just long enough to put in an appearance, perhaps preside over some prayers and such, and--hmmm--maybe do some politicking in favor of his desire for an "Anglican Covenant"... or... or....

Campaign for "gracious restraint"?

This is what I am most afraid is really in the offing. ++Rowan seems to insist that the United States, and our Canadian neighbors, must refrain from full inclusion of the LGBT community in all aspects and elements of the church. He calls it, "gracious restraint" to say that we can not consecrate another gay or lesbian person to the episcopate, and that dioceses of the Episcopal Church should not be allowed to develop rites to bless same-sex marriages or civil unions... even if the civil authorities have granted those RIGHTS to the gay community. The concern is that not every place on this planet has accepted homosexuality as part of God's plan for some of us, and those parts of the Anglican Communion are all in a tizzy because of us Yanks. Trouble is, this isn't "gracious restraint" to tell me that I'm 3/5 of a person; that's called bullying... or slavery.

I hope that ++Rowan intends to show his own level of "gracious restraint" by being our guest here in the USA at our General Convention, and not try to push his agenda. Otherwise, we might have to relegate him to the marketplace as one of the fringe attractions... oh, I'm sorry: does that sound too familiar?

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Anonymous said...

Let's us place him in the Marketplace right from the beginning. Our presiding Bishop is being too kind. I hope he doesn't do too much politicing.