Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Father Matthew video--worth a look!

I came across this video over on Rev. Susan Russell's blog "An Inch At A Time" and loved it so much I had to post it here, too. Fr. Matthew Moretz of Christ Church, Rye, NY, prepared this for a conference in Houston last year. What he says here in 2:42 is what I've been articulating in countless ways on this blog. But don't take my word for the video, and share it with others in your circle!



anita said...

"First off, don't be a jerk." Great advice!

Anonymous said...

Always remembering it's about "feeding and nurturing", and remembering to participate in regular sustenance for one's self so who you are comes across as healthy, "wholly", mentally, physically and spiritually. A well fed and nurtured self is ready and able to share who one is with the world. Get out there and be who you are, be thankful and proud to be one of God's creations and celebrate the beauty, diversity and awesomeness of all of God's creation. May you always know God's presence in your life, for whether summoned or not, there God is. Margie

Anonymous said...

Wow! Chirst Church in Rye! I went to St.John's Wilmot. I wonder who is there now? Oh yes, this does say it all. And you are who you are and I am trying to be who I am and keep telling the story of why I am an Episcopalian.