Wednesday, September 8, 2010

L'shanah tovah from our interfaith household

Tekiaaaa! Teruah!! Tekia!!! Tonight marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year... and with that comes the blast of the shofar, the reading from Genesis of the almost sacrifice of Isaac, and usually a round challah. I say "usually" because I fell behind on my shopping and so I'm missing some key ingredients, namely yeast, and I'm too tired to go out shopping for that and some of the flours right now. Not to worry; I will be sure to get the shopping done at some point tomorrow afternoon... after the Rosh Hashana service. And it will be gluten-free so my resident member of "the tribe" can gnosh on her holiday bread without risking a migraine. L'shanah tovah, y'all!

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Anonymous said...

I am back on and Happy New Year and great gnoshing on everything to you and Isabelle.