Wednesday, April 27, 2011

T-Mobile's Take on the Royal Wedding

This video has been making the rounds of the internet for a couple of weeks now.  And yes--it's an ad for a mobile phone service provider, but it's hilarious.  ++Rowan-look alike cuts a rug.   If the Royal Wedding looked anything like this, I might watch it.


Anonymous said...

OK Susan, you are something else. I am going to watch the wedding as i remember the other one years ago and I am looking forward to it and I think William and Kate will save the monarachy which is fine with me! As far as the ABC is concerned, I don't care.


SCG said...

Peggins, you are an Anglophile through and through. The monarchy is not for me. I hope that William and Kate have a very happy life together, and I wish them well. If I'm awake at the hour of their nuptials, I might watch it. But I'm not going to make a special effort.