Friday, January 18, 2008

Let's pause for a moment...

....and reflect on the wiggy world of Republican politics. So far, the G-O-P primaries have given us victories for Huckabee, McCain and now Romney. There are two more contests coming up (Nevada and South Carolina) before the Florida primary on the 29th. The fact that Republicans are heading in different directions depending on where you are in the country could mean lots of things. Romney winning Michigan isn't *entirely* a surprise: his daddy was the Governor there. But I have to laugh that the oh-so-organized and well-oiled machinery of the Grand Ol' Party isn't showing a clear leader yet. I'm sure Republicans will try to spin this as proof that they have a lot of candidates to choose from, and they're just all so "very good".
I'm waiting to see what the next two primaries give us: maybe Fred Thompson will win South Carolina? Ron Paul takes Nevada? Hahahahahahahaha!!

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MCG said...

One both parties are well oiled to say the least, and your predictions could happen, but as a lover of populist candidates I certainly can't support Thompson, or Romney even though I did work for his Daddy. Have fun, honey.