Sunday, January 13, 2008

Poetic re-entry

Hello whoever is out there reading my thoughts in the blogosphere! I'm baaaack!

I didn't have time, nor much inspiration, to write anything in advance of my monthly foray down to Gainesville. But a weekend in my class has reconnected my brain with my fingers. So what I will share with you is the poem that came to me when I was on my way to the school on Sunday morning:

To be known is to allow all that is within you
to also live outside of you.
To remove the uniform, unveil the eyes.
To allow light into the shadows of your heart,
and air to flow freely through your body.
To be known is exposure of the soul
to a trust of universal love and unconditioned good.
To be seen in all beauty and imperfection and still deemed worthy.
To be known is redemption.
Step out into the light, and laugh out loud!

Laughing out loud is a great elixir for me. Try it out some time and see how it feels in your body!
Lots more to come.....stay tuned!


MCG said...

How true this is, my dear...Maybe that's why I laugh at silly ads on TV. Some are ridiculous, but isn't that the point to get outside of ourselves. I excercised this AM and smiled and laughed at myself and how easy it is to just stay still when we could be moving out into the world, which I shall do today. Hope others join in commenting.


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