Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Talk to the TAC

The Florida primary is over! And I'm exhausted. I have taken on the civic duty of being a Technical Assistant Clerk...aka a touch-screen voting machine babysitter. At my assigned precinct on the southside of Tallahassee, I patiently sat with the Diebold machine. I greeted people as they came through the door. I smiled. And I waited. And waited. And waited. Two voters used the touch-screen machine during the 12-hour period. So, I got a lot of reading done, and made more headway on my homework.

Not to whine too much, but it's unfortunate that voters look at my machine as some alien object. It's very easy to use. And I was pleased this time that Leon County stored the machines over night in a locked cage at the polling place rather than having us TACs go to the Warehouse to pick them up and store them in our homes overnight. Anything to make the machines more secure.

Even if you don't want to use the touch-screen machine yourself, maybe you could at least go talk to the lonely TAC. Ask them to show you how they create a ballot. Make them open and close the security doors. Give us something to do!!!

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MCG said...

To my favorite TAC: Thank you for doing your civic duty. I am very proud of my family. My husband and two of my children ran, won and served in our legislature in NH and my other children worked in numerous campaigns as workers and volunteers. This is what makes our way of life in this country work.