Saturday, May 3, 2008

We Are Not Alone

And so while the Episcopal Church struggles with sexuality, the United Methodists have slammed the proverbial door in the face of the LGBT-community by saying, again, that the national Church finds homosexuality to be incompatible with Christianity.

The debate over how to treat and what role gay Methodists should have in the church went on for two days at their General Convention. And the outcome was overwhelming defeats for various petitions aimed at making the church more welcoming. Not surprisingly, the Reconciling Ministries Network, the group that was trying to change the church’s teachings on homosexuality, issued a proclamation marking the pain of the moment.

And then, they had a celebration! Two women who met in a Methodist Bible study class 25-years ago walked through the area where the convention was going on, and across the street to a public place to get married. You can read it here.

As a final note, it’s interesting that all this went down in Fort Worth, home of another renegade diocese in the Episcopal Church and where Bishop Gregory Venables of the Southern Cone was being charming as the Diocese of Fort Worth looks to realign with the anti-gay, anti-woman crowd of the Anglican Communion. Oy, vey!

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Anonymous said...

Have faith! No one said it would be easy. Just you continue to believe and know that love will survive and prevail.