Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pictures Do Speak a Thousand Words

This photo is amazing and made me grin from ear to ear...especially since I have said elsewhere on this blog that any true Christian should be out on the front lines of the gay pride parades and joining in the struggle for equality and dignity for everyone.

And then--bam!--there it is! A photo taken in southern California and shared by a man on his way to a monastic vocation! He found these fine folks marching in the Gay Pride parade two blocks from his home, and it led him to explore the Episcopal Church. Go read his story on the OHC Lectionary Blog.
And this will be a nice set up for my next that I feel is right on the edge of finally flowing from heart to brain to fingers on the keyboard...and finally to you! Stay tuned. Peace.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you forward this to the Diocese of Florida and NH. Or maybe I should mention it to John Denson.