Thursday, June 19, 2008

Celtics Breed New Creed

I do have a few things on my mind these days that I know will gel and come together in such a way that I can put them out here for the rest of the world to read. But with more Queer As Faust this weekend, I need to put my brain on something else.

So, in place of me, I am offering this re-write of the Apostle's Creed as composed by my odd and funny brother, Tom, who watched religiously (my choice of words is intentional) the NBA playoffs and championship in which our beloved Boston Celtics finally won the whole thing again. We, the rest of Peggy and Ed Gage's children, have been poking fun at Tom's enthusiasm for the Celtic Gods of the Garden. He felt the need to set us straight as to his true beliefs:

I believe in God the Almighty
Maker of Heaven and Earth
and of all things visible and invisible
(including Pierce, Garnett , Rondo et als)
and in his son Jesus Christ,
who was made incarnate of the Virgin Mary
curucified, died and was buried
now, on the Third Day rose again
and currently sitteth at the right hand of
God the Father
from when he shall judge the quick
(such as, for instance, Rajon Rondo)
and the not quite as quick
(I guess that would be the entire Lakers line up)
and the Dead
(why do the NY Yankees come to mind ?)

Furthermore God IS NOT a Bay Stater
Even though they call it Mass!

I hope this clarifies matters for you.

Unfeignedly yours,

Thomas U. Gage
Rogue Episcopalian

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Anonymous said...

And si there dahlin' that's how we feel in Boston. Even the Sox wore Green on Friday night's ball game.

I hope that the rest of the readers undertand that futhur' mawr it isn't just Tom but his dahlin' wife Michelle who love the Celtics.