Thursday, June 26, 2008

Facebook Fun

Some months ago, I signed up for the social networking site Facebook. Why, you might ask, would a 40-year-old lesbian want to mess around with such a thing. It was an accident. Really, it was! But the attempt to get more information about Integrity, the LGBT-group of the Episcopal Church....led to finding lost friends from college, and connecting back to people from New Hampshire. So it hasn't been all bad. And it has been a little bit fun.

Especially the groups you can join! I just joined one that I think is very funny:

I Want to Be Banned from GAFCON, too!

A little background for the uninitiated: GAFCON is the acronym for the Global Anglican Futures Convention. This is the group of African bishops, archbishops, American clergy and laity who assert that the rest of us have deserted our faith, deny Jesus, and are otherwise horned devils out to destroy and "tear at the fabric" of our Anglican tradition. Because this group is made up of fearful people who are the "break aways" from the Churches of England, Canada and the United States; and because they fear those who expose the "gaffes" and "cons" of the GAFCON group, GAFCON issued a news release, identifying eight people who should be kept away from their conference this week in Jerusalem. Funny that the people they've specifically listed include gay rights activists within the Episcopal and Anglican Churches...and that some of those people weren't even planning on being at their counter-conference in Africa because they're planning to sit outside the gate at the Lambeth Conference in England next month.

So, all the political blah blah blah aside, I was tickled to see I could join a group online that is poking fun at yet another "gaffe" made by GAFCON. I even suggested a few hymns that one could sing if one were to try to protest and disrupt the meetings led by infamous homophobe Peter Akinola (not so funny aside: there are reports of more beatings of members of Changing Attitudes, the pro-gay Anglican group in Akinola's Nigeria. The Primate remains silent on the matter. What a surprise!)

Sometimes, you have to laugh in the face of such pointed, and pointless, petty stupidity. To take it all in would do more harm to your soul. And the GAFCON followers aren't worth it.

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Anonymous said...

You never fail to amaze me. How do you find all this stuff? I am not a facebook lover as you know but you go ahead and have fun!!!