Sunday, October 19, 2008


These ads in opposition to the "Hate that is Eight" in California are pretty good, and certainly make the point concisely for why Californians should oppose the attempt to outlaw marriage for LGBT couples.

Hello, I'm No on 8 com/watch? v=b9T7ux8M4Go

And She's the California Constitution com/watch? v=yU4udzEbcdQ&feature=related

Don't Worry Everyone, You're Safe com/watch? v=HVRPdQB5BCs

Early voting begins tomorrow in Florida, and we have our own hateful amendment on the ballot (Amendment Two). You'll be hearing more from me on that later. For now...check out the California message, and know that it is a universal one for any state in this country!


Anonymous said...

Great UTUBE stuff. I loved them all. So...why doesn't VOTE NO ON 2 people get a few going.


SCG said...

MCG--No on Two does have some ads. Sadly, for reasons that mystify me, the ads that Florida Red and Blue have produced do NOT depict gay and lesbian people, but DO show senior citizens. Don't worry; I will share one of their ads on this site...and will be doing my own ad campaign. I'm not afraid to tell people I'm a lesbian, and that's why I'm voting NO on Two.