Thursday, October 2, 2008

We'll Be Back After A Short Break

Greetings one and all in the blogosphere. Yes, I have remained rather quiet lately. Not because I am not thinking. Not because I am not musing. Not because I am not awake and alive.

I'm just overrun with "things to do". Most notably, a cabaret show which opens this Friday. (Insert shameless plug here):

Happy days are here again?

The Mickee Faust Club presents:

Tallahassee--Undaunted by a gubernatorial campaign in 2002 where he only received 23 write-in votes, Mickee Faust, the ratty twin of another famous Florida rodent, is again declaring, “Vote Vermin!” with a fall cabaret show, “A Faust You Can Believe In”. The performance dates are October 3-4, 10-11 and 17-18 at 8pm at the Mickee Faust Clubhouse, 623 McDonnell Drive in Railroad Square .

“I may not be on the ballot,” notes Faust, the alter ego of performer Terry Galloway. “But I know what the people want! They want a real rat! A rat who knows what it means to eek out a living while watching some cartoon character get millions and a Magic Kingdom ! It’s time for change. Real change. Like dimes and quarters. Something most of us are more familiar with than a wad of 7-billion Ben Franklins!”

Once this show is up, I will spill forth with other observations of the world from the "purple pew" perspective. Until then....stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Break A Leg, Faustkateers!


SCG said...

Many thanks, MCG!