Friday, December 5, 2008

A Year of Remarkable Change

I'm taking a break for the moment to NOT comment extensively on things in secular or church politics...even though the Ikers and Duncans of the world are providing lots of fertile ground for discussion. If you want a reasoned reflection on those matters, I would pay a visit to Mark Harris' Preludium blog. He's far more informed than I am. And he's not likely to question the mental health of those who proclaim themselves "True Anglicans" as they pick up their marbles, (and try to take marbles that don't belong to them), and attempt to create a new home without "girls and gays" (obviously, I'm not as nice). Clearly, since my partner thought I was a bit...well...opinionated in my Make A Joyful Noise post. However, she admitted, it's my blog and I can say what I want. And I did, thank you very much!
And really...that's the end of my discussion on those least for this entry.
Instead, I am reflective this evening on my anniversary of ONE year of blogging. Truthfully, I hit and ran past the anniversary yesterday...putting up two posts without ever slowing down to think: whoa! I have written (or at least taken the time to post) 162 entries since Dec. 4, 2007. That is the most writing for public consumption that I've done since I announced my resignation from Florida Public Radio on the air in March 2002! At the time, I never believed I would "commit journalism" again. And while I don't see my blogging as adhering to the same rules of "objectivity" that governed my reporting, I have tried to keep my musings from turning into screeching rants about the "right-wingers" in the Episcopal Church. Well, at least, I have tried not to screech....
And this blog has allowed me the time and space to explore and discuss my faith in God, and how I try to "go forth in peace to love and serve the Lord" every day. It isn't easy, and the discoveries through Scripture of what all that entails to serve God in "unity, constancy and peace" reminds me that to truly "take up my cross and follow Jesus" is not for the wimpy. On some days, I do a better job than on others. And regardless for how many times I stumble, I know that God is OK with the stumbling. God's delight seems to be that I'm even trying at all!
So, as a way of celebrating this anniversary, I direct y'all back to my very first entry: The First Wake Up Call. It's a bit of a spiritual autobiography that fills in more details than what's in the "Blogger Profile" section. Enjoy, and come back! I'll have more "theological reflection" in some future posts!

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