Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dr. Marion Hatchett, 1927-2009

I never knew Dr. Hatchett, a professor at Sewanee Theological Seminary, but I became familiar with his name and aware of his influence on our prayer book and hymnal through my mentor and her husband. In fact, when I posed a question about language in Eucharistic Prayer B, they pulled out "the authority", Dr. Hatchett's book, on the how's and why's of the language in our Book of Common Prayer.

His name resurfaced for me again at the end of July when an article he wrote for General Theological Seminary began showing up in blogs and circulating on the internet. Titled "TEC: The flagship of Anglicanism", Dr. Hatchett reminded one and all that our Episcopal Church has often been the one which has set sail into murky waters to clear the path for the rest of the Anglican Communion on matters that some find too dicey or scary to undertake. You can read the article HERE.

My condolences to all who knew him. May light perpetual shine upon him.

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Will check this article out and thanks for the information.