Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Forward Progress

The slate of candidates for Suffragan Bishop in the Diocese of Los Angeles has been put for our perusal. What a group it is! And yes, it includes openly-gay, partnered people. They'll be selecting two from the list to join the Diocese, which has had a record of being promoters of social justice... including speaking out against Proposition 8 during the last election. You can read the biographies of the candidates HERE.

It's important to note that just because a diocese has gay and lesbian nominees, it doesn't mean that a gay or lesbian person will be selected. However, had we still been living in the "season of gracious restraint", these priests would not be allowed to be considered.

Meanwhile, those of us living in the southeastern United States, continue to see what's happening elsewhere with hope that this new season will eventually reach us. Many of the bishops from this area of the country will likely vote not to consent to the election of a bishop who is openly gay or lesbian... whether they have a partner or not. Fr. Mark Harris posted at PRELUDIUM the "pastoral letter" from Bishop MacPherson of Western Louisiana. +MacPherson's letter encourages calm, but makes clear that he is not comfortable with the direction the National Church is moving. Like with all bishops in his place, the best thing I can offer is to always return to the phrase repeated hundreds of times in Scripture: Do Not Be Afraid. If fear is allowed to be the driving force of response, then that will be trouble. Calm, that is a better response. Looking to God's mission for us as people of God: this is the place where we, who are in disagreement on matters of human sexuality, can find each other as living members of the body of Christ.

Hopefully, in that finding, we'll also see each other fully.


Anonymous said...

When I read this story earlier I was so hopeful that things are changing. I just hope the Bishops in the Southeast begin to see the light.


SCG said...


I think they do see the light. Trouble is, they think it's a train about to run them over, so they're reaching for the rail switch!