Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Best Expert Available?

Sometimes, I wish politicians would quit.
In an interview with the Sun-Sentinel newspaper, Florida Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum says, due to his religious convinctions, he doesn't believe that the "gay model" is a good one for children. He goes on to defend the state's hiring of Dr. George Rekers as a credible "scholar" on the question of LGBT people as adoptive parents. Remember, Rekers? He was the man who asserted during a Miami trial on Florida's anti-gay adoption law that gay people shouldn't be parents because they were prone to drug and alcohol abuse and were basically unstable people... much the same as Native Americans (yes, he did say that!). Rekers then became the center of scandal when the New Times newspaper in South Florida caught him coming back from a trip with a strapping young man he'd picked up off an internet rent-a-boy service. McCollum defends Rekers' testimony... despite this embarassing little gaffe... and goes on to take a swing at Universities that, because of political correctness, don't allow such scholarship as Rekers' to take place.
Maybe McCollum has a point. Universities really have gone all liberal and such and they aren't funneling research money toward other important scholarship... like proving that the earth is flat, and that the sun revolves around the earth, and that you can tell if someone is a criminal, or at least very stupid, based on the bumps on their skull.
Wonder how many lumps are on McCollum's head?!


Phoebe said...

I am a little confused.. is it lots of bumps.. stupid.. or no bumps.. stupid.. And are people who get into politics stupid or do politicians get stupid (or stupider)?

Anonymous said...

He is a particularly stupid more than stupid politician. He really got himself into a pickle. He won't be elected.