Saturday, August 14, 2010

A March for Martyrs

We don't often hear about martyrs in our modern times, but today in Hayneville, AL, there is a march and commemoration of those who sacrificed their lives for the civil rights movement in the 1960s... including Jonathan Myrick Daniels. Ruby Sales, who was the 16 year-old girl that Daniels died to protect from a shop owner with a shotgun, is among those taking part in today's pilgrimmage. You can read more about it on the Diocese of Alabama website

I'm glad they're holding this celebration in Alabama. I'm glad that the actions of one Yankee in pursuit of God's desire are not being forgotten, but being honored and recognized not only as martyrdom but as reconcilliation. Daniels had reached that in his own life before his death. His is a story worth remembering in the Church... and in the world.

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I finally have seen your postabout Jonathon, We have my little laptop working. Thsnks for this.