Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have this stained glass ornament in the window at my office. Every so often, particularly in the late afternoon, the sun hits the glass just right to send streaks of blue, red and yellow across my table onto the opposite wall.
Yesterday, as I was working on an older client, I noticed the light from the ornament was hitting me in the chest at my heart. And I thought, "I've been marked!"
Marked, in this instance, in a moment of communion, and sharing in a connection that is God-like. At that particular moment, I was reaching this client in a place that was necessary for her. It was the true sense of meeting somebody where they are at, and I was being "marked" in the moment.
This was happening in the context of my massage practice, but it makes me reflect on how important it is to have such shared time with all people. I think the cashiers and baggers at Publix deserve this same intention of meeting them in the eyes. Ever since that was first brought to my attention in massage school (I believe it was in the second week of classes), I have been aware of the person checking out my groceries over the scanner, and the young teen or older retiree dilligently putting my food into bags. Sometimes it's easy to overlook them, especially when other things are more pressing on the mind. But no person should be seen as expendable. And meeting them in the eyes with a "Thank you!" may be all that's necessary to make them feel as if somebody noticed they existed.
May we all have more moments where we are marked and reminded of the communion we share with the many people we come across in the course of a day.

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