Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pancakes and a Protest

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I've been jamming this morning to Wardell and His Slammin' Big Band, JB's Zydeco Zoo and a little Celia Cruz. It's Mardi Gras Day. Time to enjoy the party of life before we recognize all good parties come to an end with Ash Wednesday.

Yes, I will be eating pancakes for dinner. This is a must in the ritual of the day. All good Episcopalians know that for Shrove Tuesday, you eat something sweet and fattening like pancakes. And for those who plan to give up some vice or another for Lent, be it chocolate or alcohol: better get in that last one before tomorrow. :)

With my pancakes this year, I will be engaging in a protest. You might say this is my act of standing up to the man who believes himself to be a new Roman emperor, namely our Governor. I've been hearing too many tales from clients and friends about the way this administration is randomly off-ing people and whole bureaus. Folks who are serving in federally-mandated jobs are being told to pack up the things in their offices: their services will no longer be necessary because apparently Governor Lord Voldemort doesn't care what the muggles in Washington, DC say. Well, clearly he doesn't since he also told the Obama administration that Florida has no need of the billion+ dollars prior Governors and lawmakers worked to obtain to build a high-speed rail in this state. The New York Times reports that the Dark Lord is at odds with the Death Eaters in the legislature. Wonder if any of them will cross ideological party lines and join our protest? Doubtful, but one can always hope that they might do it in a more meaningful way by not simply doing as the Governor wants. Trouble is in Florida, when you start looking to the Florida legislature to be the saving grace... you're in biiiiggg trouble.

My spiritual director and I were talking about the state of affairs in Florida and elsewhere. I agree that God is holding all of this in a way that God can contain the crazies, the cunning, and the champions in the same stewpot. Because of this, the trust can't be placed in the hands of the rulers, but in the hands (heart, head, mercy) of God that "all will be well."

In the meantime, today is the day that I must figuratively unsheathe the sword and stand with my fellow Tallahasseeans who are in fear and feeling more demoralized than I have seen them before. And I plan to do it with the party spirit of Mardi Gras because no governor, no state legislature, no state supreme court can rob me of the joy of life. That's truly a God-given gift and it's mine to share.

So pile on the pancakes and make me fat for a fight. Tomorrow I will repent and remember that in the end, I'm just dust.

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Anonymous said...

I, too will join you in eating pancakes tonight at Christ Church, and shall think of you in front of the Capitol of Forida. Please be careful! Today, here as well, I vote for our Town Meeting. I hope to choose the right things and the right persons.