Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dry to The Bone

My partner and I just returned from the excessively dry Austin, TX, area.  No doubt, you are aware of the wildfires that were raging in Bastrop forcing the evacuation of residents.   Bastrop is on the route we normally would have taken out of Austin.  Instead, we went north trying to avoid Tropical Storm Lee as it dumped a foot of rain in the areas of Louisiana and Mississippi that we also would have passed through to come home.

Seeing the dryness of the landscape, especially in stark contrast to the lush green of the Louisiana highways, made me heartsick.  Cattle huddle under the few trees out in the fields.  Sheep and goats were pecking away at the few blades of grass poking up from the earth.  And people are shaking their heads and wondering why they're being left so high and dry.  Global warming, anyone?   I have no other explanation for why Texas is drying up while New England is having to watch the tropics for hurricanes in the same way Floridians do.

Dear God, giver of life and source of all our bounty; pour forth your gentle rains upon the state of Texas.  Give them water to replenish their lakes and streams, and allow the fruits of your creation to bud and grow.  And give the people the hope that you will sustain them.  Amen.


Anonymous said...

I agree Susan. It is a real horror for this party of our country. I do think that we are suffering from climate changes, and Al Gore should have been listened to when he was trying to tell our leaders about this.


Fr. Cody said...

Susan, you were in my 'neck of the woods' . I am in Austin, and I am so very sad about what is happening to my beautiful state. However, if there is any good that can come out of this (and I believe there is) it is that our communities have come together. Catholic & Protestant, Christian & Muslim, people are helping people in ways that are so special and loving. It brings tears to my eyes that people can drop their differences and come together in this time of intense pain and loss. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!