Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gnosh on This: Images from The Jewish Food and Culture Festival

Amidst our season of Lent comes a wonderful respite from self-denial: The 4th Annual Jewish Food and Culture Festival at Temple Israel!   How can you resist a real New York Deli-style pastrami on rye with cole slaw and a sour pickle spear?  Or a real New York cheesecake from Carnegie's?  Or real, homemade stuffed cabbages?  Or real knishes?  And don't forget the Galilean wines that are kosher for Passover?!

Answer: you can't!  And lots of Tallahassee made the trek up Mahan Drive, following their noses and good senses that said, "Matzo Ball Chicken Soup is good for the soul!"

The kitchen crew was on task bright and early on this first Sunday of Daylight Savings Time to get the yummy food out to the masses.  Knishes, Pastrami and Corned Beef sandwiches, homemade Hamantaschen and Rugelah, stuffed cabbage, tabouli, kosher hot dogs, bagels with cream cheese and lox and capers and onions, Dr. Brown's Cream Sodas, and music, music, music in the tents outside.
My partner roused me early to help schlep the volunteers from their cars, parked off-site, to the Temple for their crazy day of keeping up with the feeding frenzy. 

By 2pm, almost all the food was gone.   Clearly, Tallahassee is hungry... especially for the real deal in Jewish Deli fare.  And so we must wait until next year to get our fix of pastrami with the fixin's!

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