Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seeking Prayers for A PFLAG Mom

My mom, Peggy, has suffered a massive stroke.  My brother, who lives with her, found my mom yesterday morning, not moving and not making any sense, lying on her right-side in her bed.  He called 9-1-1, and, because my hometown is small, they arrived within minutes.

The stroke was on her left-side of her brain; hence she is unable to speak.  But there is evidence that Peggy is still in the body because she is wagging her finger at the doctors, and is able to follow a nurse's instructions to squeeze his hand.  My two brothers, who live in New Hampshire, are on top of things.  But still, I am going to go home Easter afternoon to be with her, and them, and help in making some of the decisions that we'll have to make about the next step.

In the meantime, I please ask that you all hold Peggy (or more formerly Margaret) Gage in your prayers.  My mom is a fighter.  That's what made her one of the outstanding parents in PFLAG.  She loves all her children, and won't let anyone smack us down.  In turn, we love her, and we will be advocates for her health care.

Dear God, the giver and sustainer of all life, wrap Peggy up in your love and give her strength and will to live.  Grant her doctors, nurses and medical team wisdom and skill to treat her with accuracy, speed and care.  Surround our family in the circle of your light and love and pull us together to follow, to question, and to act in ways that reflect your love for Peggy.  I ask this in full trust in your Holy Name.  Amen.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Amen to your lovely prayer, SCG.

SCG said...

Thanks, Mimi. She's a fighter, and my brothers and I will make sure that we get her good care.