Friday, June 5, 2009

Lay of the Land A Must-See

When I read through Tim Miller's script of his new show, "Lay of the Land", I felt a carthartic "Ahhh" of "Finally, somebody is articulating all these feelings I have inside me!" Tim's show captures with humor and strength of conviction what lots of queer citizens are feeling in this country today. That sense that we are always under the microscope, always being examined and tested, and voted on and put on trial in ways that just doesn't happen to straight people. And we are tired of it!
I don't hate my country. I don't even wish ill upon my country. I would like to think that having me as a taxpaying citizen, a healer, a church member, a volunteer, a writer, and a consumer of goods and services is something that my country would value. But, for some reason, it's always open season on me and my fellow queers. Whenever it's time to scare the public, it's always us who get trotted out to make people frightened into taking away those rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." We used to do this to African-Americans, and that was wrong, and has been recognized in the law as "wrong". Haven't we learned anything by now?
And even as I am hurt by the continued discrimination in Florida that is thrown in sharp relief by the march forward for equality in my home state of New Hampshire, I am reminded that if New Hampshire... crotchety and stubborn as it can be... can embrace the concept of allowing LGBT couples to be married, then there is hope. All is not lost.
Tim's show plays tonight and tomorrow at the Mickee Faust Clubhouse in Railroad Square at 8pm. Tickets are available through the website:

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Wish I could be at the show and the First Friday fun in Tally.