Tuesday, June 2, 2009

With God's Help

This video from Integrity USA, I think, pretty clearly explains one of the issues that will be debated at this year's General Convention: the full inclusion of all people within the church in all of the sacraments. Currently, there is a rule in place (B033) that prevents the blessing of same-sex marriages, and it prevents the consecration of any more "gay bishops". And while this rule was put in place to show "gracious restraint" in not wanting to offend the less gay-friendly parts of the Anglican Communion with our "western" standards... it hasn't done anything to stop the attacks on the Episcopal Church by those who oppose it inside and outside the USA. And it has had the very real effect of making many LGBT people feel like the "others" of our church community. Just the other day, I was glancing at the story in the Episcopal Church's national newspaper about the tongue-wagging in Jamaica over the Anglican Covenant. It mentioned the continued support for B033, and my response was immediate. Tears gathered in my eyes. I had just been through a service of baptism at Pentecost in which I had renewed my commitment to God, and my fellow humans and believers... only to see the exclusion in black and white. Now is the time to recognize what St. Paul said in Galatians... that there is neither Jew or Greek, free or slave, male or female in Christ Jesus. The body of Christ is one. So, please, let's move in that direction!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and I saw the video and I know what you mean, so I hope that they don't have secret meetings or secret anything and that the meetings this summer are open and honest.