Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shared Things

I have some interesting and fascinating things to share. But I will save those for another entry.
Instead, I bring you "things" shared... both coming to me by way of Alabama!

An old radio colleague from my Florida Public Radio days, Tanya Ott, is the news director at WBHM in Birmingham. As we approach the 40th anniversry of Stonewall, WBHM has decided to dedicate a whole week to highlighting the LGBT community in Alabama. Today's installment seemed fitting to share here on this blog since it's about gays and the church. You can listen to it here.

The other offering I have is this hilarious video sent via email by my mentor, Mtr. Lee Shafer. I laughed out loud!


Anonymous said...

I also laughed out loud and enjoyed reading the article from Ms. Ott. The work never ends.


Someone Else's Cooking said...

hey Susan - talking of sharing - just read this article and thought you'd find it interesting -

"Christians must show love to all people, even if they don't support their values, evangelical megachurch pastor Rick Warren on Tuesday told breakaway Episcopalians and other Anglicans splitting from their national church over gay clergy and other issues."

who've thunk it, huh?

SCG said...

Thanks, Someone's for the article. Yes, I knew the Anglicans were having their own version of the General Convention in Dallas; didn't know Rick Warren was on the menu. Glad he served them up some love... but I admit, I don't trust that he or they have any clue or desire to really minister to the LGBT community. But at least he isn't advocating for us to be beaten... which IS the message like-minded Anglicans in Africa are preaching. Very scary, troubling stuff. I wish them well in their endeavor to up-end the Episcopal Church. Ain't gonna happen!