Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Awww...That's Sweet!

The state of Vermont has started marrying lesbian and gay couples today, and native son ice cream makers Ben and Jerry have re-dubbed their "Chubby Hubby" flavor to "Hubby Hubby" to celebrate marriage equality. They'll be serving the flavor in Vermont Scoop Shops for the month of September as a way to support Freedom to Marry.
The company has had a long-standing commitment to social justice action, and so this is one more serving of standing up for the right thing!
They are encouraging everyone to not only buy their product, but also to sign up to support the cause at the website: freedomtomarry.org.
Go to the website. Sign the petition. Buy more Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Yum!! Marriage Equality tastes so good!


Anonymous said...

I read this and wondered if you would write about it. Of course you would especially if you could put a big scoop on your pancakes.


frdougal said...

What is Chubby Hubby/Hubby Hubby? We're only up to Chunky Monkey where I live!
But it's a nice wee story anyways:-)

SCG said...

frdougal: it sounds like the perfect match of salt, sugar and fat. It has pretzels and peanut butter in ice cream. Here's the link for "the scoop" on this flavor:
May it makes it way across the pond! :)