Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things Left Undone

Checking in on some of the brilliance in the blogosphere, I realize that there has been much happening in the world of Anglicans that I have, well, ignored. It's not that I don't care; it's that with others writing so much on these matters, I haven't felt that I have anything better to say than what has already been said.

Specifically, I haven't launched into a diatribe about the election of yet-another misogynistic homophobe to be the Archbishop of Nigeria. ++Nicholas Okoh not only doesn't like LGBT Anglicans; he has caused a furor and wants to pick a fight with Muslims. You can read about it HERE. Making such statements while living in a country with a large Islamic population ain't too swift!

And I have failed to offer up any more opinions on the two-tiered mess that is called "The Anglican Covenant". As I commented over at Grandmere Mimi's Wounded Bird blog, every time I think of this document of the most non-Anglican tortured nonsense, I hear the Kyrie eleison in my head! I decided a while back that I just couldn't write any more on this thing because it's just so stupid, and petty, and all about making the Archbishop of Canterbury into Pope Rowan that it wasn't worth it. Really, if you need a fix of foolishness, you can search the entries on the AC at PRELUDIUM or THINKING ANGLICANS. Just make sure you have your blood pressure medication handy.

So, now that I have repented of my unwillingness to invest hours blogging on these topics, I'm off to do a presentation on massage.

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Anonymous said...

I hope your presentation went well. I know that you bring me a lot of peace when you touch me with your healing, loving hands.