Saturday, September 12, 2009

God and Dog

I got this video by email recently, and thought I'd share it with all my fellow animal lovers. I chuckled at the title since my career in Sunday School ended with the day that I was asked, yet again, to draw a picture of what I thought God looked like... and I drew a dog. A Black Labrador to be precise.
"Now, Susie, you don't think this is what God looks like?" the teacher asked.
"Yes, I do. Dog spelled backwards is God."
For this smart-ass response, I was asked to leave the class. I suppose it was a sign of devil worship that I, a third grader, had figured out the reverse spelling of "God"! So Ms. Francisco's song is a sweet, simple affirmation that I must have been on to something much deeper!
Naaahhh.... I just was fed up with Sunday School.
Enjoy this video. I'm off to do my EfM homework.


Anonymous said...

I loved this the 2nd time I heard it.

Thanks...I really think that all animals are special and GOD spelled backwards is DOG.


frdougal said...

You must have been one of those kids the SS teachers dreaded!! I had the experience of trying to get them to identify my little carboard model of St Benedict as "something holy and special begining with the letter M" (monk). I got the reply "He's a Methodist Father"!!!

Phoebe said...

Love the song.. enjoyed knowing you were another one of 'those Sunday School problems'. Miss my dog.

SCG said...

Glad you all enjoyed this.

frdougal, you must have suppressed laughter learning that something "holy and special" was a Methodist Father.

Phoebe, I believe the correct theological term for me as a Sunday Schooler was "hellion".