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Anonymous said...

I just found about Louise's passing and wanted to add my comments in her memory.

To a true soldier and warrior. I am glad to have known you along this rocky road. I honor the light that is you, Louise. May the angels cradle you and heavens arms surround you forever. In Loving Memory, Dian.

Unknown said...

Greatly appreciated your February essay, Susan. Fred Richter

SCG said...

Thank you, Fred!

2Cool4School said...

Dear Seminarian Susan,

I trust you will read this at some point. Tonight I just wanted to send you a quick shout-out, and let you know how much I appreciate the wise advice, counsel, and relevance of your 4th Sunday of Easter sermon.  The concept of masking and unmasking reminds me of this past Sunday's gospel. Jesus sat down with the apostles and was not seen by them until He broke the bread. That first communion left no doubt that He was Risen. 

Sometimes the mask is not physical, like the men screaming at the Michigan policemen in that powerful photograph, but our own ignorance, our efforts to see things not as they are, but as we would like them to be.  

I promise to reflect further on this eloquent, thoughtful homily. You truly are "part teacher, part creature, and part intellectual creature." A philosopher. This past Sunday, Bishop Mariann asked us to ask ourselves: "How can you become now the blessed saint of your future memory?" You, my sister, are well on your way.

I sign off with best regards to you and your beloved, and your families. I pray you will all remain safe and healthy.

I promise to revisit these pages again soon.