Monday, December 17, 2007

Zap 'em!

Pat Oliphant is one of my favorite editorial cartoonists!
It would be nice if the Almighty would zap a few of these smug creeps from time to time and "decrease the surplus population," as Mister Scrooge might say.
I am always leery of politicians who start talking about "Faith, Family and Freedom" type stuff. Usually, that's code language for "Lynch one of the "Others" for Jesus!" wrapped up in an American flag flying from a crucifix.
Do they ever stop to think what it might feel like to be "the other" on the receiving end of their belief system? And would they be shocked if they did get through the busy circuits to God, and found out their number had been disconnected due to lack of understanding that message of "love thy neighbor"? I'd say it would serve 'em right!

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MCG said...

I am going to try this again., I hope that it works.

I told you that I think the Baptist minister and governor is a litte strange and if he think he can talk to God on his cell phone that proves it.