Thursday, December 27, 2007

Super Freak

OK. I think it's official now: the Freak in Fresno is a lunatic. I'm posting here the link to Mark Harris' article on the continuing saga of San Joaquin.

PRELUDIUM: Bishop Schofield in denial

Read this, and then ask yourself if this sounds like a man who still has possession of all his marbles. Someone else in the blogosphere hinted that Schofield might be one of those who believes he's "cured" of his own homosexuality. And that raises some interesting points for me:
1. If he is one of these "cured" queers, then he really is dangerous because IMNSHO you can't "cure" homosexuality...unlike beef any way...except by choking the life out of your soul.
2. Latent queers are sad, sorry, sacks because they are failing to live their lives openly and honestly...and hence have no business being priests, let alone bishops, who should lead by example. And that leads me to the bigger question of who decided to ordain this unfortunate person in the first place? Isn't there a better way to vet out unstable people from positions where they wield influence over the spiritual lives of others?!
I hope for the sane people of that diocese that this whack job eventually gets the hell out of the Anglican Communion altogether and joins Pope Benny and his all-boys' Catholic club. I think he'd feel more at home.


MCG said...

I think I commented on this nut at the other blog. It is time for this guy to be put away.


SCG said...

Or at the very least given a one-way ticket to South America where he can be in communion with other weirdos and ex-SS officers-in-hiding! Meanwhile, continue to offer support to those who wish to remain in the Episcopal Church, warts and all, at