Saturday, December 8, 2007

"The Weimar House" premiere

If you were able to make it by the Mickee Faust Academy for the Really Dramatic Arts, then you likely had a chance to see our mock horror flick which makes fun of the mockery that is the gay marriage debate. Yes, Florida will face a ballot initiative in 2008 which is aimed at getting every radical reactionary into a polling place and voting to make it constitutionally illegal for us queers to tie the knot. Guess it wasn't enough to put it in the statutes...although I will always remember how gleeful former State Senator John Grant of Tampa was on the day that the late-Governor Lawton Chiles allowed his ban to become law. It was June. It was Gay Pride month. And Grant couldn't have been more pleased to be the one poking us in the eye.

Now, the bullies are back, and this time they want to do more than poke us in the eye.

And that's why a short video like "The Weimar House" is so important. It uses satire to highlight the utter absurdity of saying that two men or two women getting hitched will devalue straight marriages. And, I hope, it will encourage not only the LGBT community to get serious about fighting back against this sort of constitutional hate, but it will also give our straight allies something to think about as they talk to their friends who might not think this issue is that big of a deal. And I suppose if you are someone with a secure job, and a legal spouse, you wouldn't understand what it's like to live in a situation where, if your partner becomes ill, you are not considered "a member of the family" when you go to the hospital. Or if your partner passes away, you are not "next of kin". Or you can't be on each other's health care plan. Yeah, if I had all your perks, I guess I wouldn't think too much about how sweet those perks are either!

Ask me questions about the film! It's funny. It's short. And it makes a statement about love!

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