Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maine Makes it Five

Mount Katahdin and Baxter State Park, ME

Well... it's becoming obvious to me that I have finally found "Queer Nation" in America, and it's New England! The state of Maine yesterday became the fifth in the country to approve same-sex marriages... and my home state of New Hampshire could become the sixth. A bill is on its way to the desk of Democratic Governor John Lynch. The Governor seems to have mellowed some on his adament anti-gay marriage stance, but hasn't committed to signing the bill. There is a possibility that he will let it become law without his signature. Meanwhile, John Sununu, the former Governor and tyrant for the dwindling Republican Party of New Hampshire, is calling on Lynch to veto the legislation. All the more reason for us to pick up the phone and call Governor Lynch to encourage him to stand up for the constitutional R-I-G-H-T of couples to marry if they want to marry.
In Maine, Governor John Baldacci signed the bill inspite of his own discomfort with same-sex marriage because he believed he had to follow what is in the constitution. And that's how it should be. I don't care if politicians like it or not. That's immaterial. Is it constitutional to deny two consenting adults the right to marry; thus allowing them to protect their joint assets... as well as celebrate their love for one another? We should know the answer to that one.
Maine voters could still repeal this law. And so there will need to be some education done, and I hope church leaders will take part in that. Religion, and faith communities, have been the breeding ground for much misunderstanding and hatred toward LGBT people. And that is a shame. As I've said time and time again... in all that I have read in the Bible up to now, and everything that I have listened to and studied... I have yet to hear where God says, "I only love straight people." God is interested in those people who turn their attention and place God at the center of their lives. People who place God at the center of their lives and recognize that in God we "live and move and have our being" can not then cast out their LGBT brother or sister. It just does not compute. Because God is love... and if love is your motivator... then how can you look at another person as an "other"?
And so I look to God as the Holy Spirit to hold us all in love, and to assist those who have the power of governance to see the Christ in me and my people... and to enlighten our lawmakers by having them contemplate a simple idea: "How is it right to keep these "others" as strangers at the gate?"


Frogo said...

Two quick comments.
God created us in God's image, male and female God created us. (Some more confused about the male/female than others.)
Rigteousness is a concept that only applies to oneself - it should not be used to bludgeon others. I believe that If we approach life and one another with an open heart, there is no blame.

Anonymous said...

As if the 8th of May the Gov. of NH has not had the bill delivered to his desk, but he is getting many, many calls. He might just let it become law without his signature. He is not influenced by John Sununu or others like the former Gov. He may feel civil unions are enough.