Friday, May 15, 2009

A small step closer

Word is that the Governor of New Hampshire, John Lynch, will sign the same-sex marriage bill... only after there are some changes made to the legislation to further protect religious institutions and their employees from lawsuits if they refuse to perform same-sex weddings. You can read the Reuters story here.

Of course, we need to make sure that religious institutions are protected because gay and lesbian people are all about suing the church if priests or pastors don't perform their weddings! Whatever! I think the biggest issue for the vast majority of gay people in this country is not which "unwelcoming" church will I go to for my wedding, but in which state can I get married!

When I read the Reuters story, and the AP story, and the Boston Globe story, on this news item, I had this image of Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch with the Spanish Inquisition poking Gov. Lynch with the "soft cushions"! Lynch is a Roman Catholic. The Roman Catholic church is one of the prominent Christian churches in New England. The Roman Catholic Church, while it doesn't control the government, does exert considerable pressure on RCs who are in government. That's why Rhode Island is a hold-out on the same-sex marriage bill: if you think Massachusetts is "little Vatican City", dahlin', you haven't been to Providence!

Word is that everyone is willing to play along with Governor Lynch, and since the bill hasn't actually arrived on his desk, then there is still time to make the fixes he wants so that he can sign it, and not feel guilty, and still face God in the morning. Facing the Pope might be another thing. Facing the slam campaign that is likely to come from right-wing forces... I think Lynch, and most others, will survive that. Religious fanaticism is frowned upon in the Live Free or Die State.

I hope that Lynch does sign the bill, and my home state does become part of trend toward marriage equality. And then I ask, "When will Obama say something about that nagging federal Defense of Marriage Act and actually do something about it"? I guess, as they say on the radio: Stay tuned.


The People's Program said...

This is another indication that the face of our country is changing. Not for better or worse.

I believe that the institution of marriage should be reserved for a man/woman relationship but it appears that more than a few governors don't believe the same thing. I accept it, move on, and realize that many are liberated by this legislation.

I feel that my home state of NJ may be the next to enact same same-sex legislation.

Even though I don't necessarily agree I applaud these governors for standing up for what they believe in. With any mass movement it's always the first few that have to make the toughest s because they are subject to the most criticism.


SCG said...

Ryan--Thanks for the comment. Could be NJ next, or New York. But clearly it's that "corner" of the country that is showing the most progress on marriage equality. And while you and I may differ on whether it's right or wrong, we do agree that each of these governors and their state legislatures and their state supreme courts are taking courageous steps. I do hope that the day comes when we can stop thinking about how brave everyone is, and just get on with living.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in Ryan's comments and I think that your home state will be next and that the legislature will make the small changes which will asuage our Gov. and all will be at peace in the Live Free or Die State.