Friday, May 29, 2009

Sneaky Stuff

A quick visit to Fr. Mark Harris' PRELUDIUM site... and a perusal of some of his blog favorites landed me at Katie Sherrod's DESERT'S CHILD. There, I found an old... but informative if not disturbing post... about the latest trick up the sleeves of those in this country trying to undermine the Episcopal Church... and specifically the Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori.

They call themselves "Communion Partners": bishops and rectors in the Episcopal Church, who believe that really the Diocese, not the General Convention, reign supreme in church governance. That these autonomous dioceses gather in association with the Episcopal Church... but don't actually have to live by decisions made within its governance structure of GC. And, in short, they can do whatever they want with the property that is in the diocese.

Read it all here. You can see which bishops have signed on here. And rectors here.

On the list is a name familiar to those of us here in Florida: retired Bishop Alden Hathaway... who was hanging around St. John's in Tallahassee before, during and some time, after "the split". Yuck!!

Meanwhile, there's a new working group to figure out that sticky wicket of "part four" of the Anglican Covenant. There is a member of the Anglican Church of Canada, but no representative from The Episcopal Church. The goal is to get a draft ready for comment by November.

I have my comment already: Pffffffffttttttttt!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. So Alden Hathaway is one of them. What next. He is a sneaky one.