Monday, July 13, 2009

D025 amended, and approved!

I have tears in my eyes as I type this. Our House of Bishops, by a vote of 99 yes 45 no and 2 absentions, has approved Resolution D025, which means that the majority of our bishops have recognized that it makes no sense to continue denying faithful LGBT people from fulfilling their call to the episcopate. I honestly wasn't sure it would happen, especially with the Archbishop of Canterbury cautioning that he hoped the bishops wouldn't do this, and the constant cry to take more time to study the issue.

THREE-LEGGED STOOL has the scoop, along with the list of "No" votes, which include several of the bishops from this corner of the United States, including the Diocese of Florida. THE EPISCOPAL CAFE has an Imperfect Roll Call tally here.

Again, nothing is set in stone yet. The Bishops did make an amendment which many of the bloggers at the Convention say is minor. But it means that the resolution goes back to the House of Deputies for approval. The HOD had given a 2-1 margin of approval to this resolution.

I think I'll stop writing, and simply say, "Thanks be to God!" This is amazing!!

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Anonymous said...

When I saw the vote, I yelled outloud.
It is happening. The ABC can stay in England.